20 November 2020

Statistics September

The Construction Consolidation Center CCC in Stockholm Royal Seaport is a unique venture in the Swedish construction industry. Nothing similar has ever been done earlier. We will therefore carefully monitor developments and conduct research in different areas to see what kind of effects that are generated.
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Ongoing research project: Visualized building traffic planning for disruption-free urban development (Disruption-free city)

We tend to relate to construction projects in the city as a temporary constraints. On the contrary, it is constantly being built, in the ongoing urbanization trend and densification. The "Disruption-free city" project wants to create a tool that improves traffic planning around construction sites.

The City of Stockholm and CCC Stockholm Royal Seaport is one of several cities participating in the project

The project disruption-free city has been granted funding from Vinnova's announcement "Innovations for a sustainable society - 2018". The project will run over three years and comprises a total of SEK 7.3 million, of which Vinnova finances SEK 4.9 million and SEK 2.4 million is inclusive contribution from participating parties. The project Disruption-free city is part of LiU Bygglogistik's focus area on urban logistics in cities.